I love coming across stories about women who are going for it. Taking a leap of faith to doing something you love, you’re passionate about and being radiantly happy about it in the process is one of the big goals in life. I truly believe it’s why we are here. To live a joyful life is our collective and individual destiny. It doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days/weeks/months (hopefully not years), we work to put out the good energy, to keep the vibration high, to take risks to live our lives to the fullest.

These are girls who inspire me. I get excited when I see new blog posts from them. I may read everything they put out there or casually check in from time to time. And I send waves of gratitude and good juju to each of you from my little corner of the world. Thank you for being an inspiration and doing what you do!

Goldfish Kiss Anyone who knows me knows Rebekah’s blog has been a favorite of mine over the last few years. This girl is rad. She’s super creative, has a beautiful eye and takes gorgeous sun-drenched photos of her life. I had the privilege to do a photo shoot with her when she was living in LA and you want to take her home and make her your friend (but not in a creepy way). She has moved more times in the last couple years than most of us have in a lifetime and kept her spirits up. On the days she’s not so up, she writes with honesty and feeling. Thanks again girl, for the light stuff like beauty round-ups, Saints + Sinners, how did I live without you? To this little gem…And congrats on your new sugar sand Florida beach to call home! PS – can you bring back the beach bag round ups please?

Loving this little gem by Goldfish Kiss

Spell the Gypsy Collective

Oh Spell girls do you ever make me happy! For a number of reasons. First, of course, the clothes…add to savings or buy a new dress? Second, the story of the Isabella and Elizabeth, their friends and the magical store – if I ever write a dreamy once upon a time story about two sisters who live in a pretty little coastal place full of beauty and magic, you’ll know where I got some of the inspiration. Third, the blog filled with travel, beautiful styling, fun diy tips like making your dream outdoor bathtub, sigh. I can go on and on. They are super smart women who make beautiful things and tell beautiful stories. Pretty much my life’s ambition. They’re always creating and releasing new, small batch collections that inspire and sell out quickly. Genius! The demand for their product both in Australia and the US is crazy. Thank you for being my muses and making me feel so pretty when I wear your creations. If you live in the US, shop here, but don’t be mad at me if you get addicted. Thanks again girlies, keep it up, keep it up!

The beauty + creativity of Spell

Soul Shapers

This is a new site I stumbled on a couple weeks ago. And I hope they continue because the concept is really cool and epitomizes cool girls doing rad stuff. To use their words, Soul Shapers is a curation of profiles and services that strive to provide you with empowerment to make a difference in the world and shape your soul. Each soul shaper artist has created a limited edition piece that you can purchase on the site. A percentage of the proceeds goes to a cause the artist is passionate about. You get a unique piece (anything from a cute tee to an amazing piece of art) and you pay it forward to really important causes like Planned ParenthoodSea Shephard Global and the Kind Campaign. The best of luck to you! I think you’ve created something pretty amazing and would love to see more!

Soul Shapers, such a great idea!

The Gratitude Project

I really love Angela Simpson’s site. I found Ange when I saw cute pic of her pregnant in a gorgeous, flowy dress posted on Spell’s instagram (see above). I clicked on her instagram and had an instant girl crush. Then I went to her site and it was just what I needed in a period when I wasn’t feeling all that optimistic or great about myself. She has a lovely way about her and website is just so. damn. pretty. The gist, she’s a life coach and works with overall well being and integrative nutrition for women. A couple months back, I downloaded her free 30 days of self love ebook and highly recommend it – download it here. I think you’ll love it! Very sweet, simple things to do each day to bring your awareness back to self. Bookmark this site and stop by from time to time when you want to feel good! Plus she has good style so you can get inspo that way as well…

We heart Angela!