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It doesn’t take much to make me happy…Give me a sunny beach, a great-fitting bikini, a book, bright colored toes, a handful of crystals, lots of hugs and I’m good to go. I grew up bouncing around the midwest and east coast. My love affair with sun + sand started with a Sunkist Good Vibrations commercial. One viewing and I was hooked. My mission was to head west until I came into permanent contact with the Pacific Ocean…Mission accomplished. I live in North County San Diego and consider myself one of the luckier people on the planet. Have passport, will travel ♥

Kir Collective came from a desire to put my collective experiences to work in a creative way. I examined my inherent talents, the skills I’d acquired through years of lifestyle marketing, freelance writing and project management. Then made a list of what I can do and then highlighted what I love to do.

The result is a “capsule collection” of services and experiences. In a nutshell, I bring ideas to life, connect the right people to the right opportunities, flesh out collaborations and enable creative types to do their thing by adding in the organization and execution. And I love every minute of it.

On the more personal side, I love to dabble and seek out ideas, philosophies, techniques and products. There is so much to discover in this world. And it's fun to share and exchange information. One day I'm learning about how to clear the energy in your house or office, the next it's tracking down the perfect pale pink lip gloss (Too Faced - Angel Kisses, cruelty free, may they never retire it!). So check out the blog and musings sections for various topic explorations and storytelling.

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