Photo shoot Production, Direction and Styling

A well executed photo shoot is storytelling in its finest form. I love every bit of this process - from creating the concept, finding the cast of characters (photographer, models, makeup artist), picking the right location and then making sure it all flows.

I've spent time in front of and behind the camera and have a solid perspective of what all the players need to make for a good shoot. Whether a professional model or someone who's never been photographed - I will coax the shots you want and need, keep everything on track, details of the shots in check, models comfortable and the mood fun and productive.

When the day is done, phase 2 begins. Image selection and just the right touch of post work to complete the vision. Done right, magic happens, fun is had and art is created.

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Writing is a craft and everyone's process is different. Singing your own praises and telling your brand's story effectively is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. There are incredibly talented, innovative people who create wonderful things, but freeze up when it's time to tell the world why what they do is great and needed. That's where I come in. I work with founders, marketing teams, athletes and artists to uncover what makes what they do special. The process is simple. This can and should be a fun, interactive experience! Company bios, brand stories, mission statements, marketing plans and media presentations can light you up and rally people to your door, website, and/or product on the shelf. Done right, people will read about you and want to know more.

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